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Founder Jewel Diamond Taylor, The Self-esteem Dr.

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For over 30 years Jewel Diamond Taylor, wife, mother, grandmother, author, aka The Self-esteem Dr., has been a popular conference speaker, life coach for women, media personality, spiritual teacher, and women's retreat leader

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Jewel aka "The Self-esteem Dr." hosts trusted, effective , and healing group coaching , individual coaching/counseling, and awesome retreat experiences.

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Mother's Day Brunch for Single Mothers 

June 8

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Your donations make it possible for women with hardship cases to attend the retreats, programs, conferences, receive life coaching, and materials to overcome possibility blindness from difficult life issues; (e.g. divorce, breast cancer, stress, homelessness, unemployment, single parenting, domestic abuse, grief, depression, and adverse childhood experiences of abuse and dysfunction. )

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Women On The Grow 501(c)(3) non-profit outreach


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Women On The Grow 501(c)(3) non-profit outreach


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Your donation will fund our mission to serve women from all walks of life  to grow on so many levels.

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Impact - Breakthroughs - Results

I would like to thank you for being a rainbow in my life.  I thank God for your love, support and guidance.  As I reflect over the years how you have been here for me, I really appreciate you and I Thank you for creating Women On The Grow.  You are an answered prayer.  In 1993 I had an emotional breakdown, I was mad at God, I didn't understand why I had to have dysfunctional parents, both of them were on drugs, on top of that my mother was mentally ill. I was frustrated, I had just moved back to Los Angeles California from Chico California where I experienced racism first hand and I didn't know how to deal with it,  there were so many things going wrong in my life and I needed guidance ASAP.

I remember falling down on my knees, praying and crying to God, I need help! please send me some beautiful black women to help me navigate this thang called life.  It was about a week later, my prayer was answered God sent  me you and four other beautiful women.  Thank you so much for creating a safe place where I could heal.  Thank you for teaching me coping skills, thank you for your LeadHERship classes. your relationship workshops.  I just wanted to say thank you for your love, wisdom and support.  You Rock Jewel Diamond Taylor.  Because of you I am a better mother, wife, sister, friend and I am able to help other women heal, because of you I am a better teacher.   I love you Jewel. – JoAnn Mitchell


Where do I start? My journey has been interesting recently. I experienced a place in my life where I needed direction. My compass was not directing me to my good. I am so good at helping everyone else. I reached out to Jewel Diamond Taylor for life coaching. I have learned “No.” is a complete sentence. I am growing thanks Jewel” ~ Nichelle 


"Women on the Grow events have and continue to inspire, encourage and empower me. I always take away a feeling of exponential growth!  It's life changing! Soul refreshing. Women so desperately need to be uplifted and rejuvenated on a regular basis. I see so many "battered" women just beat up by life! It's hard to express all that Jewel and Women on the Grow do to help ”fix" that!"   - Trena Lawson


I love you so much Jewel Diamond Taylor You are such a blessing, but not just to me,but many more more woman on the grow. I thank you a million times for doing what you do. May god continue blessing you endless, because you truly deserve it ,your passion is contagious and transmitted in each an every one of your events. -  Wendy Alarcon Olmedo

"I have experienced unexpected challenges in my physical health, financial chaos, mental well-being and areas where growth was necessary. Jewel Diamond Taylor is a humble tutelage that is willing to listen and provide the necessary life skills that helped me to improve my self-care. My first event was Jewel's Super Goal Saturday, January 2000. As a Single mother with five daughters and 2 grandsons (Ages 3 and 8) it is essential to have positive influences in my life. I am grateful and proud to be a Resilient Woman on the Grow. I have been attending Jewel Diamond Taylor’s events for almost two decades.I have personally experienced top quality affordable events which always fill my soul teaching me about emotional wellness and healthy relationships. I look forward to her intuitive teachings that are nurturing to my mind, body and soul." ~ Arnetha Harrison

Attending and participating in Jewel’s Women on the Grow” events has made me start practicing what I often preach to my clients but didn’t really have time for my own “self-care.”  Taking time to invest in myself, learn, share and connect with other women and form new friendships has been a true blessing.  Jewel is not only an inspiration but her honesty and transparency  makes it easier for us to take off our own masks and be open and vulnerable.  Her positive and inspirational messages are always right on time.  – Marie Greene

"I have been empowered by the love, support, and strength gained in the Women on the Grow Academy. Jewel models and teaches us to be powHERfull women capable of doing all we set our minds too. I am thankful for the tribe." Tye Hilliard-Amy

"I have been attending Women on the Grow events for over ten years. I find the events fresh and relevant. You create events that not only give an opportunity to fellowship with many dynamic women, but also to invest in self. You teach and coach in a safe place that fosters growth and healing. I have learned SO MUCH. from my Women on the Grow exposure, I am addicted to bettering myself. I know no one is going to do my life for me. Just me. And I have to do it no matter what is true. I love Women on the Grow." ~ Patsy Cobb

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Women On The Grow 501(c)(3) non-profit outreach